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TEK & I Systems INC creates the next generation cloud first mobile first applications.We also develop custom hybrid and on premise enterprise solutions based on your requirements. We are the industry leading digital platform implementation partners with proven experience in digital transformation. Your Trusted IT partner with many years of experience with cloud, mobile, and business intelligence. We guide you through digital and cloud transformation with quick wins and agile delivery.

Big Data Analytics

Working with Volume,Variety,Velocity,Variability and or Veracity?.We have solution to all your needs.

Web + Mobile

Quickly create and deploy mission critical Web apps. Build and host the backend for any mobile app.

Security and Identity

Unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads.We have unique cyber security solutions tailored to your needs.


Why Choose Us

We do more than developing solutions, we develop experiences on top of frameworks.

Agile and Agile

Our methodologies makes you move quicker and faster.

Quick wins

Your company starts seeing value from the very first day, we are that fast and value adding force.

Perfect OTR

Our solutions have the right blend of (OTR) Operational,Transitional and Revision characteristic elements which makes us the best at what we do.

Organized data

Unstructured or variable requirements, no problem we strive to save you time,money and energy by providing organized and easy to use solutions.

This is how a normal work day @ TEK&I looks like.

Cloud Migration & Infrastructure

Custom Application,Mobile Development and Business Intelligence

Agile,SCRUM,PMP,Networks and DataWarehousing

Coffee breaks,brewing and consuming just like every great company!

Remarkable Works at our exceptional clients

We have gained reliability
to serve you best

Exeter Government Services

Exeter Government Services





Our People Our Strength

We encourage skill,talent and enthusiasm above all recognize great employees

Mission & Vision

TEK&I Duty and purpose.

TEK & I Systems INC believes that building the best software means incorporating the talents of our varied workforce into our products, and recognizing the needs and priorities of our diverse suppliers, customers, and partner base. We are committed to supplier diversity, and are a minority-owned, women-owned company. Product innovation is at the heart of TEK & I Systems INC's work. We strive to deliver technology innovation through devices and services that inspire people of all ages and abilities as well as eliminate barriers, improve lives, and strengthen communities. One of our goal is to increase the access to highly skilled graduates to tech jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. Our numbers, clients and sales are growing thanks to our dedicated hard-working teams.

Data Analytics

We analyze Data to work for your company

At TEK&I we provide companies the ability to analyze and act on data as it is increasingly important to businesses. Our BI tools assist you to take decisions which can be increasingly complex.Our tools provide your Executive Management the platform to understand high volumes of data before they can make the necessary decisions. TEK&I BI tools provide decision-makers with the information that they need to make insightful decisions. As Company data is often stored in multiple, unrelated software applications and databases.Our BI tools gather and process data from multiple sources. They produce reports on the information to increase the knowledge of decision-makers. TEK BI tools help companies identify growth opportunities, understand customer preferences and increase competitiveness. One of our best features of BI tools is they are very user-friendly formats, such as scorecards and dashboards along with user guides with details.

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Web Mobile Development

Web Mobile is the new digital hub and also the connection to the physical world.

As is true with most technology selections, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the type of mobile app to develop. There are numerous web app best practices to consider, not all of which are technical.
At TEK&I we start by asking a few fundamental questions..

Who is your target audience?
Are they more likely to prefer a mobile web or a native app?
What development resources do you have and which mobile technologies are they most familiar with?
What is the licensing and sales model that you’re envisioning for your product?

Generally speaking (although there are always exceptions), the mobile web route is faster and cheaper than the native app route, especially when the objective is to support a wide range of devices. Conversely, there may be capabilities native to the mobile device (such as the movement sensor and so on) that are essential to your app, but which are only accessible via a native app (which would therefore make the mobile web app choice a non-starter for you).

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Security and Identity

Our best security practices and patterns are derived from our expertise with superior technologies and the experiences of customers like yourself

TEK&I implements the best practices in the industry for Security,For more secure management and operations, you can minimize a client’s attack surface by reducing the number of possible entry points. This can be done through security principles: "separation of duties" and "segregation of environments."
Isolate sensitive functions from one another to decrease the likelihood that a mistake at one level leads to a breach in another.
Standard administrative, support, or development workstation should not require installation of an email client or other productivity applications if the device’s main purpose is to manage cloud services.
Client systems that have administrator access to infrastructure components should be subjected to the strictest possible policy to reduce security risks

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How we create top class solutions?

Welcome to our world.

We sit with you talk with you and understand your requirements and deliver instant Proof of Concepts with our solutions and build from there.You will start seeing progress the same day.

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What we do

We offer custom tailored cloud,hybrid and on premise infrastructure and service businesses to your company.

Cloud Solutions
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  • Mail box Migration
  • Document Migration
  • Team Drives Migration
  • Cloud Custom Portal
  • Mobile applications
  • 24*7 Customer Service
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Hybrid Solutions
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  • Identify and Implement web,app and database servers for hybrid solution.
  • Identify and Implement for Document Migration
  • Team Drives Migration for Hybrid environment
  • Hybrid Custom Portal for cloud and on premise access
  • Mobile applications for hybrid applications.
  • 24*7 Customer Service
  • Want more? Sure please contact our Products offering departments.We customize the offerings based on your needs
On Premise Solutions
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  • Custom Application Development
  • Database tuning and enhancements
  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • Customer Service
  • Want more? Sure please contact our Products offering departments.We customize the offerings based on your needs


We are here because of our customers.

TEK&I Systems INC is an outstanding Software Solution provider company, with a highly trusted and professional delivery team.TEK&I Systems worked with Exeter Government Solutions to refine and develop the requirements in SharePoint Development, which was selected for successful CMMI-DEV Level 3 assessment.Through out the whole development process TEK&I Systems INC supported Exeter in maturing the design and architecture,iteratively developing the code,assisting quality assurance staff in testing and ensuring successful release in production. TEK&I clearly have an extensive cadre of technical skills ranging from .NET suite to SharePoint custom development and Systems Development Support.Of particular note is their teams understanding of the development process using Agile Methodology, asking the right questions and managing development risk. We were glad to work with TEK&I Systems for our CMMI project and I highly recommend them in providing technical solutions.

Director of Civilian Programs, Exeter

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